About Us

Sirius K9 Workin' Dawgs is a group of dog handlers and trainers dedicated to strengthening
the working relationship with our K9 partners, and having a whole lot of fun doing it!  All our training is done with positive reinforcement and rewards.

 I have owned dogs all my life but have been involved seriously since 1982 when I got my first pure bred German Shepherd and started training with Lucy Coffin ( A German Shepherd breeder and Trainer ) and have been hooked ever since. From 2000 - 2010 I was a student and then assistant/trainer for Doug Teeft at his K9 center. I also assisted Doug with his Private Dog Aggression classes and  K9 Tracking taining. 2008 - 2015 I assisted in training K9 Search and Rescue dogs and participated in several searches for missing people. I then became involved in CKC conformation and rally/obedience and now Sport Scent Detection. I have put a  Grand Championship Conformation title on one of my shepherds Adele and working on rally/obedience titles with others, putting an RI, Rally Intermediate title and a PCD, Companion Dog title on my Shepherd Dux. I have been involved in Sporting Scent Detection for the last 7 years, teaching all levels of scent detection. I have brought my students up to and including Excellent level titles at the SDDA trials, and also have students getting ready for their Elite title in Scent Detection.

Norm has been working with Sirius K9 training his dog for about 5 years now and a trainer with Sirius K9 for the last 2 years. With his love of dogs and his fun attitiude his classes are always fun to be in. Norm teaches Foundation and Intermediate levels. He has put rally/obedience titles on his own dogs, Brynn has her RA and a CD title and now is adding scent detection titles. Norm has titled his dog Brynn to the Advanced  level in Scent Detection, and is starting his new pup Monte in Scent Detection.

Krista has also been training with Sirius K9 for about 5 years and for the last 3 years Krista welcomes all of our students every class night and handles all of our registrations and entries. She is vital to the set up of classes and laying out good searches for us. She takes on many phases of our trials and does them so that things run smoothly.  Krista has also worked on titling her dog Brazen in rally/obedience and scent detection. Krista has titled Brazen to the Started level.

Karen is currently teaching rally and competition obedience for Sirius K9 and is a rally obedience judge and has been competing in obedience with her own dogs for over 15 years. Her first competition dogs were shelties, Piper and Diva, who both earned their CDs and RAE (Rally Advanced Excellent) titles. She is currently working toward that elusive last qualifying score in Utility (OTCh) with her Belgian Shepherd, Shadow. Karen’s philosophy is based on the methods of positive reinforcement, motivational-based trainers like Denise Fenzi and Chris Bach who emphasize connection with your dog and reward based training. She also has a Started Scent Detection title on her Belgian Shepherd Shadow and will be working towards the next title soon.

Maria has been training with Sirius K9 for about 3 years now and has scent detection titles on both her dogs, Meeka to the excellent level and is now working on her Elite title. Maria also keeps busy with Agility and Rally. Maria is our trial secretary and we could not do it without her. Her organizational skills are excellent and she keeps us all on track and running smoothly. 

Cindy has been training with Sirius K9 for about 3 years now and working towards an Elite level Scent Detection title on her boy Taz, and working on an Advanced Scent title for her girl Genee. She also participates in Agility with all her dogs. Cindy is always available to lend a hand and is my IT girl !!!!! Doing posters and ribbons and anything else we need done. Cindy has also now joined us teaching scent detection classes. With her positive and fun attitude the dogs are in for a great class!!