Scent Detection

Scent Detection Nose Work is the newest K9 sport. A fun and competitive game that builds confidence and trust between dog and handler. 
Learn the same methods used to train dogs working in detection of narcotics, explosives, bedbugs, and disease.  The dogs learn to work with the handler in locating hidden target scents in a designated area which may be inside or outside, including vehicle searches. It is a true partnership sport in which both partners must rely on one another. 

The sport is suited to all types and sizes of dogs. Searches are done individually and designed so that all dogs can succeed, regardless of temperament. Problem dogs can be trained to use their natural desire to hunt to develop focus and self-control. No prior knowledge or abilities are required. 
We train at all levels, Foundation, Level 1 & 2, Advanced, Excellent and Elite using legal, easily obtained scents. Trials are conducted under the governance  of the Sporting Detection Dogs Association (SDDA).
Visit their site here for further details on the sport and trial rules.

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