Training Classes

New Classes Beginning Every 6 weeks 
2019 Schedule

Foundation Scent Class  April 1st and April 9th 
Level 1 Scent Class  April 1st and April 9th
Level 2 Scent Class  April 1st and April 9th
Advanced Scent Work  April 1st April 9th

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Cole Harbour Place

Regular classes in Scent Detection (Nose Work), are held:
Monday Evenings
Cole Harbour Place
51 Forest Hills Parkway, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Tuesday Evenings 
Boy Scout Camp
1250 Mineville Road

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All our classes are based on SDDA rules and will prepare you to trial your dog for his/her SDDA championship.

In this class your dog will learn the basics of finding a scent in a container. Working with a food based scent, you will learn how to teach, encourage and reward your dog for searching for a scent. Wintergreen will be introduced to your dog in this set. Most important you will be introduced to reading your dog and learning how to know when a scent is detected. (6 one-hour classes @ $140)

This class continues with the scent of wintergreen. Starting off using containers, the classes will introduce articles. Training will focus on working as a team; handler and dog. (6 one-hour classes @ $140)
The variety and number of search articles will increase adding to the level of difficulty, and locations may include anywhere in the room.  Building on the partnership between dog and handler, you will learn to "Trust Your Dog" Pine and Thyme scent will be introduced to your dog. Depending on weather and time of year we may start exterior searches (6 one-hour classes @ $140)

The advanced level will introduce you to real world search situations. You will learn to conduct blind searches with a variety of scents with increasing levels of difficulty. You will search inside, outside and even conduct vehicle searches.  (6 one-hour classes @ $140)

The excellent and elite levels will take you to a higher level with increasingly difficult searches both inside and outside.  (6 one-hour classes @ $140)


Rally class is offered for all levels from beginner to advanced. Instruction is individualized for dog and handler. 

This class teaches you how to keep your dog focused on you while working on the correct positions required for each rally exercise. Training methods are positive reinforcement and motivational with games and challenges that keep learning upbeat and fun for you and your dog. This class introduces you to the basics of both rally and competitive obedience.  (6 one-hour classes @ $140 )

Please note that all rally/ obedience classes are held in Burnside on Sunday evenings